Something’s Amiss

The nights here are still cold, the rain never stops,

The sun hides behind dark clouds, frowning at times,

The strings are plucked, the voice is still the same,

No one can hear it, the still in the air remains,

Something is missing, my soul has been taken away.

The words we shared, those endless days between us,

The vacuum called time, infinite, as it grows every moment,

The cold wind blows, the place is still the same,

No one can see it, maybe I am just hiding away,

Something’s amiss, is it me or have you gone away?


14 thoughts on “Something’s Amiss

  1. This is how I am feeling watching one of the only friends I have who have stuck with me for 28 years just up and die.

    “Something’s amiss, is it me or have you gone away?” ~ something is about to be terribly amiss. I will be struggling to maintain with a pretty serious mood disorder while someone who has touched my life so deeply leaves from this earth. Beautiful poem about loss.

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    1. Thank you very much. That’s sad with your friend. I hope you have the strength to carry on. Losing friends is difficult especially when you don’t have many of them. I can understand that. I hope you do well in your life.

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      1. I am doing as well as can be expected. Thank you for asking. I am certain that I am strong enough to continue forward; it will just be with much sadness and sorrow. It is hard to lose friends. This will be the first non-relative to pass to another space. All my experience is with family, and they don’t know me all that well.

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