How Do You Do What You Do?


You move around places after places, meet new faces, travel the world

While I’m doing the same old things I used to do, I’m stuck up in a rut

I’m not sulking though I do drop subtle hints, I never really was set free

And all I ask you is the same old question, how do you do what you do with me?

You’ll never know who I really was, if you understand it will be enough

My head is replete with your sounds, the agony of not having you around

You give me the jitters in my stomach, but the buzz wasn’t how it used to be

By now you must have forgotten me, but how do you do what you do with me?

You have your friends who look after you,and all that remains with me is my soul

I don’t mean to say you’re lucky, you never felt pain to be consoled,

You doubted my intelligence, but we will see who’s laughing in the end

When you’ll be asking me, how do you do what you do, even though you don’t intend.


7 thoughts on “How Do You Do What You Do?

      1. She doesn’t need to my friend. You have your soul and flash is for lesser beings. I think you write well at least, and that’s likely another skill she doesn’t want. This is Rory, right?


  1. Oh! Sorry bro. I linked this blog to a friend online named Rory about the time you followed me, and I was totally new and gobsmacked at the time lol. I thought it might be his account but it is you instead. My bad. It didn’t seem like him, so I was…uh…unsure. O.o welcome to my world, stranger. 🙂


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