Stage Fright


Your head plays with your heart, your heart pumps up the nerves

The nerves unsettle you, leave you with a feeling of discomfort

Your brain makes you speak, spoken words broken into syllables

The syllables don’t mean a thing, you can print them they won’t be visible

Your eyes stare at the sky, the sky is pouring down on you

The outpouring turns into floods, as your memory fades too

The sudden rush you feel are your emotions, the emotions you never revealed

The revelation of your notions, your soul has been killed

You search for a glimmer of light, the light you think is your last hope

The hope that always deserts you, you would hang yourself but there is no rope

Yet you go on maybe fool yourself, I hope you realise, the fool all this while was you

You’d give it one more try if you didn’t give up, the saving grace would be if you didn’t show up


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