The Story of the Insignificant Man

You’re insipid with grace, too lame to take a step

Too insignificant to be noticed, by anyone with a map

If only you had taken, a different route through the woods,

Maybe you’d realise, that was the end as it stood

Too dark to be nice, too fair to be clever and wise,

If only you were perfect, people would think they’re lies,

Fuelled by suspicion, of every one else and every roving eye,

If you walk around, your head held high,

They will shame you through hollow words and nigh

You’ve reached a stage, where you can’t go back,

The choices that you’ve made, maybe its the soul that you lack,

Ever wondered, what it was like to notice the past,

Through the footprints of present, imagine the last

Time that you saw your own self, reminded by the

Fact that joy and hope won’t come back either,

Dreams will be forgotten, for they aren’t very clear,

If anything you remember, won’t be the same as they appear,

Go back home, you know you will find a safe place there

Keep your thoughts to yourself, because no one cares

And everything will be just, if it isn’t unfair


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