Petty the stars seem, when she smiles

With a love like no other, the longing remains 

Time hasn’t been fair to her, she never bargains though

Reading infinite philosophies, she’s beyond them

With a love so kind, she heals you within

Through all multiverses, she has always been the one

A bit different now, but true to herself

I ask her to pull me out, not knowing the currents are strong

Of her love, in which I drown and live

Day after day, my thoughts wander off

And end up merging in her eyes

A lonely lifetime, I can wait some more

For her love is but a part of my soul

Come Home To Me

​Come home to me, be my guest

I cannot give you worldly pleasures

I will try and do my best

Come home to me, be my guest

Come home to me, hear me out

I cannot speak clearly,

I promise to do better now

Come home to me, hear me out

Come home to me, I long to see you

Then, your eyes won’t sting anymore

I will give it my all, won’t you?

Come home to me, I long to see you

Something’s Amiss

The nights here are still cold, the rain never stops,

The sun hides behind dark clouds, frowning at times,

The strings are plucked, the voice is still the same,

No one can hear it, the still in the air remains,

Something is missing, my soul has been taken away.

The words we shared, those endless days between us,

The vacuum called time, infinite, as it grows every moment,

The cold wind blows, the place is still the same,

No one can see it, maybe I am just hiding away,

Something’s amiss, is it me or have you gone away?

I Can Write No Lines

Or can I sing that song and do that thing,

Try and play along, through autumn and spring,

It won’t end up right, it never does or will,

I think it will suffice, but,

For you, I can write no lines.

And maybe, I think I know why,

The blue skies suddenly turn into night,

And the moonlight, it glistens your eyes,

Thoughts of you, fill my mind, but

For you, I can write no lines.

I long to belong with you, in a world unseen,

That feeling in my soul, those visions called dreams,

It is not flawless, it never has been,

The stars in the sky are nothing more than signs, but

For you, I can write no lines.





The echoes of your voice, I cannot remember them anymore,

Your face, your pretty face, I no longer, can visualise,

My hands touch yours, the feeling, I cannot describe.

In a distant place, where it snows, there you smile.


The days go by, time never stands still, it’s only life that remains,

We are living under a pretence, of love and hate.

Pondering about our purpose, pondering whom to blame,

We are all different, that is our only trait.


The calmness in the air, reminds me of the moments we shared,

How do I remember them, how can I forget?

Fleeting thoughts, I suppose, like the burning of a flair,

Or is just the smoke from the cigarette?




I know it’s near, the sky has cleared up.

The banter can be heard, the kids are bellowing .

The shift of the dust, and the grief of the night.

I did not hear from you, I saw it coming, didn’t I?

When you were with me, I took the moment for granted.

I wasn’t clever then, when you pursued my soul.

The truth is unfathomable now, no one cares anymore.

Your love, I carry in my heart, the brunt I bore all along.

I never asked why, regret fills my mind.

The walks, hand in hand, under the clouds, the rain, come what may.

They are all gone, with the holidays.





You And Me

Let me know,

And set me free.

I do not wish to see,

The light when you go.


As you sow,

So shall you be.

Or is it just me?

With the wind, you flow.


You have stooped so low,

You want to be me.

Smile, I must, you are here.

In this fire, I glow.


Now I know,

How you shall be,

Me and you is not you and me,

Do you think so?

It’s Been A While

The clouds are getting darker, drifting in the sky.

It’s getting difficult to see, but it’s been a while.

Where did you go? The things that you find,

Quiescent to say the least, but you’re always on my mind.

The river road, that meets the ocean through the isle,

No one knows where it comes from, but it’s been a while.

Frosty words, we’re congenial victims just like the past,

Our minds in harmony, through the eyes of a mast.

A dip in the lake of ignominy, I’ve been there quite a few times,

I’ve lost control again, but, it’s been a while.

Hope isn’t lost, not yet, I may see you smile,

In a faraway land, but it’s been a while.


Can I be better than this? Can I do things differently?

Would it change the way you think about me?

Do you want me to try? Do you want me to persevere?

Will it be worth it? Will it be just a smear?

Do you notice me? Can you feel me?

The sea breeze keeps me light on my feet.

I hear all these questions, do you hear me wail?

The night is better, as I’ve always said.

It gives you permanent shade.

Now, I don’t even have the words or the lines.

The waves were always against me and so is the tide.

The Promise

I promise to wipe that smirk off your face,

Every moment in every way,

I promise to wipe that smirk off your face.

I promise to wipe that smile off your face,

There will be none , not even a trace.

I promise to wipe that smile off your face.

I promise to wipe that grin off your face,

Even your kin, you won’t embrace.

I promise to wipe that grin off your face.

I promise to wipe that laugh from your face,

Be a little brutal, hit you with that mace.

I promise to wipe that laugh from your face.

I promise to wipe that beam off your face,

There’ll be no glory, there’ll be no grace.

I promise to wipe that beam off you face.

Goodbye, I’ll Be Back

I hope we haven’t lost track of the things we’ve said, or written

Maybe, the dawn wasn’t perfect, or I’m not smitten.

By your whimsical ways, quaint words or everything else in between

The lines of flames, through my heart, that can be felt or seen.

The moonlight shone brightly, through a hot summer’s day,

The stars are visible, the smoke does not make them go away.

Discomfort has its way with me, today is just the same like yesterday was

Walking along in the sun, through the wild streak of applause.

I’m not home yet, I can see it, I can feel it through, but

Goodbye, I’ll be back, if you’re there, I’ll be there too.

I hope we haven’t lost track of the things we’ve said, or written

Maybe, the dawn wasn’t perfect, or I’m not smitten.

By your whimsical ways, quaint words or everything else in between

The lines of flames, through my heart, that can be felt or seen.

The moonlight shone brightly, through a hot summer’s day,

The stars are visible, the smoke does not make them go away.

Discomfort has its way with me, today is just the same like yesterday was

Walking along in the sun, through the wild streak of applause.

I’m not home yet, I can see it, I can feel it through, but

Goodbye, I’ll be back, if you’re there, I’ll be there too.


Swan Song


The last drop of ink, on the worn out page

I have to leave, I have bigger mountains to scale.

I can’t bow out with a whimper, but I don’t really write

letters to every other person who knows me.


The winter’s come to cheers, the fragile rose that you’ve become,

I didn’t mean to put your heart out, exposed to feelings you’ve never known.

If only you had deciphered my heart, I would have been there.

I’m happy with my prayers, the ones that give me fickle hope.

I’ll close in on your hand, dreams become visible to me,

but I’m at the end of my rope.


I’m moving on to something, the outcome’s unknown.

The toss of a coin, soft murmurs to the loud groans.

The fun away from the sun, or talking on the phone,

I have to leave it all behind, you aren’t there any more.


People In Places


You see a dead dove on the side-walk,

She’s fading, people around you don’t care.

You see the light collide in shades inside your head,

And then you ask yourself, “Are their eyes

failing them?”

“Or is it just me?”

“Well, they must be blind, for they can’t see what I can see”


You scream at the top of your voice, loud enough

It must shatter their ear drums, but it doesn’t

You think it must be the wind blowing, that no one can feel,

And then you ponder on your cries, “Are their ears

failing them?”

“Or is it just the wind?”

“Well, they must be deaf, for they can’t hear what I can hear.”


You try to find a friend, no one knows you then

They all leave you behind, don’t they?

You try to talk with them, but nothing comes back to you again.

And then you try to reason, “Are their tongues

failing them?”

“Or is it the end that they seek?”

“Well, they must be dumb, for they can’t speak what I can speak.”

Raving Stars


I know you gaze at me, even though you hid,

Maybe not today, but yesterday you did.

Don’t hide from me, don’t hide from me.


I can see you through, even though you’re far,

A gust of wind blows, wherever you are.

Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me.


The flutter of your veins, frail in words and kind,

The sunlight falls on the moor, making you blind.

Save your goodbyes, save your goodbyes.


The luminary in the sky, raves as it pours down,

The drizzle that flooded the whole town.

Kill the demise, kill the demise.



Them bruises on your knees,

Scarred face and cheeks.

Wounds and cuts on your body,

You know your blood is flowing

steady, trying to find a way out.

You try to walk, you spill it,

Leaving behind a trail.

The claret trail, palpable on the floor.


You’re not bowing out, you remember

the erstwhile scabs, still fresh

O’ the blood, the notion within you

Pleases you, tickle pink yet it hurts.

Reminiscing about it, never took much effort.


Complete the circle, inside your thoughts,

Glimpses of blood, your beating heart.

Get up, get up now, you’re not home,

Broken streams engulf your bag of bones.

It gushes out, more and more,

And more and more, your scars are red.

Little Joe


Little Joe, born with a wooden spoon,

In a little town north of Rangoon,

Born with feeble hands and feet,

He wasn’t pretty nor was he sweet.

Little Joe, smart enough to sparkle shoe laces

He didn’t wear shoes as he looked up on the faces.

Speaking to himself, his conscience was dull

He didn’t have a brain inside his skull.

Little Joe grew up to be Joe,

He had nothing much to show.

The dimes in his hand were very few,

Little Joe never got his due.

Little Joe, never became a slave,

His exit was near, he thought he over stayed.

He never really talked with anyone,

Though he said goodbye to everyone.

Little Joe, dead, threw himself in a pit,

The general feeling was one of relief.

Little Joe stagnated in the mud,

The flies rejoiced as they sucked on his blood.

The Storm


I listened to the storm,

The truth was raging.

On came along the little pieces,

You had left behind a trail.

You can’t find your way home,

No one stood their ground.

The trees were uprooted,

The fire was burning, incendiary.

I thanked my stars,

The lightning didn’t strike me.

But when I looked up,

The lightning struck.

And it came back to bite me.

Now you know how the cactus feels,

When he’s stranded on the desert,

With no one but sun for company.

Curse yourself, curse yourself.

Another Song For You

I’ll write another song for you,

Maybe someday the words will ring true.

And I’ll write another song for you,

Trying to be all that you want me to.

I’ll write another song for you,

Try and make the words rhyme.

And I’ll wait a little long for you,

Until the wind blows through the chime.

I’ll write another song for you,

And make sure that its you I’ve found.

I’ll write another song for you,

Hope that it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Volcanic Rhyme


If you’re insistent, Yes I lied,

In my dreams, distant

So you put it aside,

If only you knew,

I hid myself, from hurt

Conceptions aren’t clear,

Words are blurred,

There erupted the volcano,

Its fury nearly got me bathed,

Overwhelmed by the smoke

Though I wasn’t entirely unscathed,

Tricks worked, crooked as they are,

Look before you leap,

Shadows surround you,

Given up, left with scars

Belittled by the gaze,

Of the earth and wind,

You’ve got nothing,

Except for the rhyme,

That you sing.

How Do You Do What You Do?


You move around places after places, meet new faces, travel the world

While I’m doing the same old things I used to do, I’m stuck up in a rut

I’m not sulking though I do drop subtle hints, I never really was set free

And all I ask you is the same old question, how do you do what you do with me?

You’ll never know who I really was, if you understand it will be enough

My head is replete with your sounds, the agony of not having you around

You give me the jitters in my stomach, but the buzz wasn’t how it used to be

By now you must have forgotten me, but how do you do what you do with me?

You have your friends who look after you,and all that remains with me is my soul

I don’t mean to say you’re lucky, you never felt pain to be consoled,

You doubted my intelligence, but we will see who’s laughing in the end

When you’ll be asking me, how do you do what you do, even though you don’t intend.



I blame you for every misery that engulfs me,

I blame you for the floods in the barren valley,

I blame you for the disease that made us go wild,

Don’t try to blame me for the death of my child.

I blame you for my tired limbs and hands,

I blame you for the worldly pleasures I never had,

I blame you for the anger that rages in my veins,

Don’t try to blame me for the things I never explained.

I blame you for the the my thirst that never gets quenched,

I blame you for the rain that has got me drenched,

I blame you for torrent of abuse that I’ve suffered,

And to think you blamed me for every little shudder.

The Example


You’ve set an example for others to follow suit,

They just don’t know how you do what you do,

What is unknown to others is known to you,

Its not quite something except for the truth.

Like a dog who always comes back home,

He couldn’t find no meat and he settles for the bone,

You know stranger things have happened in the past,

Flying objects have been spotted in the dark.

Like the magician who wields his wand,

He pulls a rabbit out of his hat and he goes beyond,

If only magic was that real he won’t be selling toys,

Screaming out in his shrivelled voice.

Now don’t take away from me what you never had,

I don’t want to be like you I hope you understand that,

Leave away any expectations on the door,

You’re unwelcome for always and ever before.

Found It Yet?


This poetry was written by Bob Dylan:

No, and it ain’t in the rumors people’re tellin’ you
And it ain’t in the pimple-lotion people are sellin’ you
And it ain’t in no cardboard-box house
Or down any movie star’s blouse
And you can’t find it on the golf course
And Uncle Remus can’t tell you and neither can Santa Claus
And it ain’t in the cream puff hair-do or cotton candy clothes
And it ain’t in the dime store dummies or bubblegum goons
And it ain’t in the marshmallow noises of the chocolate cake voices
That come knockin’ and tappin’ in Christmas wrappin’
Sayin’ ain’t I pretty and ain’t I cute and look at my skin
Look at my skin shine, look at my skin glow
Look at my skin laugh, look at my skin cry
When you can’t even sense if they got any insides
These people so pretty in their ribbons and bows

….and you yell to yourself and you throw down yer hat
Sayin’, “Christ do I gotta be like that
Ain’t there no one here that knows where I’m at
Ain’t there no one here that knows how I feel
Good God Almighty

Stage Fright


Your head plays with your heart, your heart pumps up the nerves

The nerves unsettle you, leave you with a feeling of discomfort

Your brain makes you speak, spoken words broken into syllables

The syllables don’t mean a thing, you can print them they won’t be visible

Your eyes stare at the sky, the sky is pouring down on you

The outpouring turns into floods, as your memory fades too

The sudden rush you feel are your emotions, the emotions you never revealed

The revelation of your notions, your soul has been killed

You search for a glimmer of light, the light you think is your last hope

The hope that always deserts you, you would hang yourself but there is no rope

Yet you go on maybe fool yourself, I hope you realise, the fool all this while was you

You’d give it one more try if you didn’t give up, the saving grace would be if you didn’t show up



It kills me that someone’s been knocking at your door,

The far-fetched illusions don’t matter to me any more,

To turn around you think they’re always standing there.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t live in the mould,

The blood that flows through your veins is hardly cold,

Make up your mind if you’ve inherited what the devil said.

In every somersault your head will turn around

Until you land on your feet, the bystander left amazed, “Just how?”

Well we’ve never paid much attention to the finer details

You think everyone in your rat race fights the duel,

Even the most foolish donkey can be mistaken for a mule,

You’ve made a mark for yourself but in comparison it pales

Yes, I know times have been tough, the weather was rough,

Every single minute disinterested, yet you played the bluff

On the ones that you think that you loved and cared

Please don’t justify that what you did was right,

Even mercy cannot be pleaded, for your sins you’ve been tried,

To douse the flaming fire that you have flared.

Soul of Nature


Dear May, when I go down on my knees

It does not mean I shall be punished

By every thorn that pricks my flesh

Or every pointed grain of sand

Dear Mist, when I surrender to thee

You have no right to take me

To a place where the dust is fog

And your vision won’t see for long

Dear Wind, I have no direction left in my sail

The word is spread, through your mouth of wail

Don’t try to understand, the shape of the moon

If you look up, he will always be crescent or full

Dear Sun, your light glitters every soul

Even the smallest ant in the burrowed hole

Keep me awake till the tide turns away

From the ocean shore or until its day

The Garden of Winter


You smell like the winter bloom of shade

You look so beautiful for God has made

You with His kind and gentle hands

Oh its such a beautiful sight

The baby smiles under the moonlit sky

Yet unaware of his sudden demise

For God looked upon her with His loving eyes

Oh what a sad, sad plight

Down the river end the flowers will meet

Your ashes that float gently down the stream

For even God has committed a sin

And yes we have lost the fight

The Truth


Stay true to yourself, even though you can’t move

Stay true to yourself, if its your innocence you have to prove

Stay true to yourself, in all your flesh, blood and bones

Stay true to yourself, the world is your home

Keep on walking, until you’ve covered the distance

Keep on walking, with all your might and persistence

Keep on walking, even though your feet are tired

Keep on walking, you don’t need to be inspired

Never stop dreaming, as your eyes shed a tear

Never stop dreaming, even if the end is near

Never stop dreaming, if you’re scarred and bruised

Never stop dreaming, for you can’t possibly lose

This Too Shall Pass


Living barely in the underbelly of your heart

At every door you implore, but they tore you apart

Even though there are tears

They promise it won’t last

The mouth maybe yours but the words are theirs

And this too shall pass

When you realised what its like to sell out your time

The feeling was dismal, the pain abysmal, as they took your last dime

Even though the fire will rage

And take with it every blade of grass

You’ve suddenly grabbed the centre stage

But this too shall pass.

You don’t have to find when you’re blind, the things that you’ve lost

In the desert sand, you play your old hand but yet death will accost

Even though the price is paid

You see your life through the ice glass

For mercy you haven’t prayed

And this too shall pass

Spare The Harsh Kill The Innocent Child



If you thought you’re not guilty means you haven’t committed a crime

You’re as wrong as the hedonist who really doesn’t mind

Between pleasure and pain and read between lines

While he spares the harsh and kills the innocent child

In you came, soul searching, for the comfort of the shade

The fire ball in the sky is right above your head

Fury was never so bitter and the obituary was never read

While he renounces the living and mourns the dead

The journey seems endless as the people stare at you

They took you off to the stockade but you didn’t think its true

Brand you as a victim of a disease which has no break through

While he praises the lies and the truth is always misconstrued




To think everyone’s in their house, safe and sound

The dog who owns the ranch, doesn’t ever shout

If you share your words, they’re irrelevant at best

Which does not mean that you don’t share them lest

Everyone who is standing in the crowd

Relates to them like the earth moving round

The sun constantly without a shadow of rest

While in your sorrows everything that vests

In spite of the worse you hope for a turnaround

When you know the things you hear are just sounds

Of the failure that you find in misery’s nest

When you don’t know the meaning of your life’s quest

The Story of the Insignificant Man

You’re insipid with grace, too lame to take a step

Too insignificant to be noticed, by anyone with a map

If only you had taken, a different route through the woods,

Maybe you’d realise, that was the end as it stood

Too dark to be nice, too fair to be clever and wise,

If only you were perfect, people would think they’re lies,

Fuelled by suspicion, of every one else and every roving eye,

If you walk around, your head held high,

They will shame you through hollow words and nigh

You’ve reached a stage, where you can’t go back,

The choices that you’ve made, maybe its the soul that you lack,

Ever wondered, what it was like to notice the past,

Through the footprints of present, imagine the last

Time that you saw your own self, reminded by the

Fact that joy and hope won’t come back either,

Dreams will be forgotten, for they aren’t very clear,

If anything you remember, won’t be the same as they appear,

Go back home, you know you will find a safe place there

Keep your thoughts to yourself, because no one cares

And everything will be just, if it isn’t unfair